Hardware design From the initial architecture stage to deployment stage, AtoZ hardware design services for embedded applications include PCB layout, board design, programmable logic and enclosure designs, integrating DSPs, µP, µC, power supply, power stage and Analog to create complete electronic design solutions. Our hardware design services span areas such as: PCB Design PCB layout Design Signal Integrity Crosstalk, EMI-EMC Hardware software co-design Testing and Validation Board Design Services Digital Designs Mixed Signal Designs Embedded Processor based Designs Small Footprint Designs Battery operated Designs Wireless Designs    Architecture Texas Instruments – OMAP 4/5, AM/DM37x, AM335, AM437x, DM81xx, DM644x, MSP430 Analog Devices – ADSP 218x,…


Design Services We offer end-to-end product design services in the embedded domain helping the customer to translate ideas into products that can be brought to market faster. From concept to deployment, our design services for embedded devices assist developers through all product development lifecycle of requirement capture, hardware development, system software, application development and testing. Our design services include Hardware prototype design, Board designs based on Processor, Microcontroller. Our services include board brings up, BSP and device driver development, middleware and third-party application integration, embedded application development and testing. The product design services spearhead development for a wide variety of embedded…


Testing AtoZ provides the key specialists and method on unit test, integration test and system test. With the background coming from engine system development, AtoZ exposes the expertise knowledge on precisely measuring system behavior, including Input/Output Robustness testing,  runtime measurement, voltage and current measurement from intialization/transient phase to running phase.


Software Development A2Z offers BSW (base software, including Bootloader, RTOS, BSP, Device Driver…) and ASW (application software) for a wide range of platforms and processor architectures. Our team has sound knowledge of system software, a thorough understanding of hardware and familiarity with the OS internals. Together, it provides the expertise in BSP and device driver development. For development, we analyze custom hardware and create the software package required to optimize both the development and deployment process. Our team has done BSP and driver development for many devices and I/O’s, porting of OS and integration of 3rd party products. AtoZ has done…


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